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Aichun Beauty - Ice Face Mask (Hyaluronic Acid)

Aichun Beauty - Ice Face Mask (Hyaluronic Acid)

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  • Effectively improves skin's texture making it soft and supple. Enhances the skin's defenses and preventing future damage. Enriched with fast penetrating nutrients that relaxes sensitive and dry skin.
  • This mask can cool and comfort the skin, reduce pain, reduce swelling, reduce stress, repair allergies, reduce redness, acne scars, moisturize, improve peeling phenomenon, and make damaged cells repair themselves, make the skin cool, smooth.
  • This facial beauty mask reduces the temperature of the skin by approximately 2 degrees celsius. Hyaluronic acid acts as a humectant and continues to draw moisture in from the surrounding environment. Provides lasting hydration for the skin & promote the production of skin collagen to make your skin moist and elastic.
  • Fortifies the skin’s natural barriers to help lock moisture in for an even more dramatic hydrating effect. Over time, this can help slow down the the deterioration of the lipid barrier and help protect and fortify it. Hyaluronic Acid helps reduce the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles retaining moisture to the skin, creating a plumping effect.
  • When the skin is protected and hydrated, increased skin cell production can take place, as the skin isn’t busy fighting for hydration. This leads to smoother, plumper skin cells. Help promote skin cell regeneration by offering extra hydration and barrier protection to the skin. This naturally leads to healthier cells and a more vibrant complexion.
  • Promotes proper moisture balance in the skin, hyaluronic acid prevents the over-production of oil that clogs pores and causes breakouts. Also helps reduce and prevent age spots and pigmentation issues.
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