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Disaar Beauty - Aloe Vera Facial Mask

Disaar Beauty - Aloe Vera Facial Mask

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 Aloe Vera Facial Mask Soothing Essence Moisturizing Face Repair Oil Control Anti-Acne Purifying
  • Disaar Aloe Vera masks are enriched with moisturizing ingredients and have a refreshing oil-free texture to deeply moisturize, promote the generation of collagen in the skin, repair sunburn, minimize pores, eliminate acne and wrinkles, restore hydrated, shiny and energetic skin.
  • The use of wellness masks, in addition to the fact that they have many useful properties and benefits for the skin, creates a feeling of special comfort and comfort on the skin. If, along with our usual skin care, we also use masks that we need to improve skin quality, freshness and problems, we help.
  • Disaar sheet mask is suitable for all women and men. This product is disposable and does not require skin washing after use. Aloe Vera mask with its moisturizing properties prevents dryness and dehydration of the skin, is a good option as a base and is effective for better absorption of creams on the skin. This anti-inflammatory facial mask that heals and soothes the skin is effective in removing acne scars, scars and blemishes and does not cause skin allergies.
  • Thanks to aloe vera, it is suitable for removing burns, etc., instead of welding burns and scars - this is a plus, it has the property of moisturizing, high and strong. In addition, this mask has the properties of rejuvenation and prevention of sagging skin, as well as prevents skin inflammation and cools the skin of the face and is suitable for use by people with dry skin.
  • Use: After facial cleansing, apply the mask to the skin so that it covers well and leave the mask on for 15 minutes.
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